The Dreaded Lurgy

It’s been a few days, folks. I’ve been doing battle with that most devastating of diseases. Yes, the deadly ‘Man Flu’. You probably remember that last week we ended up having a dash to hospital with our daughter. She’s fine, and recovering very well now, but what happens if you put a healthy person in a warm environment among lots of unwell people? Ah, yes, that!

To be fair, I wasn’t the only one, and the Mrs ended up suffering the effects too.

But, as annoying as such illnesses are, we at least have more options available to us than most. We are able to spread the workload between us somewhat, and are able to attend to tasks that are not too onerous while feeling less than one hundred percent.

I have been able to take a close look at the proof copies of my book, and make some notes of changes I’d like to make. A cover image that was fuzzier than I would like? Dealt with! Now, that sort of thing isn’t so easy to squeeze in when you’ve got the 9-5, plus another one or two hours travelling at either end of the day.

A keyboard doesn’t much care how croaky your voice is while you type away.

And no having to convince the boss just how rotten you feel, when it’s time for a rest. Mind you, there is the urge to crack on when it’s your own bottom-line that might suffer if you don’t.

At least the turbos are spooling up now, ready to hit the ground running and make something out of this week.

Time to make some positive things happen!

Until next time,


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