The Bite of the Black Dog

Black Dog

Well, isn’t he a handsome chappie? It’s been a long time since my last post here, for a variety of reasons. Some are excuses, some are more proper reasons, and we’ve also been hammered by a bout of what can only be called by downright bad luck.

Now, I could sit here and write out my list of excuses and reasons, and hope that some people will join me in wallowing in a bout of self pity. But I’m not going to. It isn’t right to bring other people down into the mire of depression just because things haven’t gone quite your way.

Anyway, like the strapline says, this is all about the ups and DOWNS of home-working.

We all have times when the so-called Black Dog of depression snaps at our heels. We all experience various set-backs, challenges, and other disappointments.

But what is important is not so much whether or not you experience set-backs and the like, it’s how you then deal with them. You have to discipline your disappointment.

It’s about keeping your recovery time from your problems as short as possible, saying “Okay, this wasn’t a great situation, but it’s just how things are right at this moment.” Recognise your situation for what it is, it’s difficult to make any sort of plan to move on if you can’t accurately state how things are right now.

Having stated the current situation, you now have to say “This is the situation right now, but I DON’T have to STAY here. THIS is what I am going to DO about it.”

For example, if a series of events set you back to the tune of several grand in the hole, recognise that it stings, and then start looking for ways to make several grand quickly.

Could you simply work some more hours? Maybe you could look at getting a few more team members into your business? Could you sell something?

A quick brain-storm on the above showed those options, plus the fact that I have a book that’s not too shabby that I can publish via Kindle and Amazon self publishing. I can develop my team building. I could do some gigs on Fiverr if i so choose.

There’s even a thing known as no-risk matched betting that has piqued my attention, I love the idea of getting a return when the maths shows for sure that there’s no risk attached.

And then for a silver lining, I keep getting notifications that you good people are liking my old blog that I need to remember.

And if I see the dog in the picture? Well, I would firmly tell him to ‘Sit’. And then to hold out his paw to get this delicious biscuit I have for him. Is the Black Dog gonna want to bite my arse? No way!

You’ve got to show him some discipline is all!

Until next time, and that won’t be so very long now.


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