Sound AND Vision!

From my last couple of posts, I would think it’s fairly clear that there are some videos that I am a fan of. It’s also true that I don’t always watch a video, sometimes just listening to what is said. As I mentioned, Darren Hardy’s words always have value to hear, but it’s not vital for me to observe exactly how he sips his coffee.

But it does depend on the nature of the content. Some videos may well include a visually based tutorial that you might miss out on if you don’t watch.

For example, I recently watched a tutorial on how to grab a YouTube video and add it to your own YouTube channel (with the relevant permissions, of course). Now, if I hadn’t watched, I wouldn’t have seen where to click to access certain functions, rendering the tutorial useless.

Or, watching a TED talk where the speaker might use some props on stage, or perhaps they might draw a quick diagram to augment what they are saying.

As well as videos there are, of course, webinars, slideshows, and even a few films (such as  ‘The Secret’) that might provide some learning value. Once weekly, the team leader of our own MLM group provides a webinar, and I simply won’t miss any of them. Although the messages are sometimes ones we’ve heard before, it’s good to get a reminder and a reinforcement of that information. Also, webinars are a little more interactive than a plain video, usually giving the opportunity to share ideas via the group chat.

Should you choose you can, of course, create your own videos or webinars to assist your own homeworking business or your team members. There are numerous ways to record a video these days, including most smartphones. And there are many platforms to present those videos or to host a webinar. In terms of training, it’s good to remember this mantra:

‘What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.’

So, what videos are you an avid fan of? Would you feel comfortable using video as a tool for your business? And do you have a preference for one platform compared to another?

Until next time,



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