Wired for Sound!

Wow, that last post all about personal development books turned into a bit of a marathon. I’ll try to keep this one a little shorter, but personal development is a bit of a passion of mine. Can you tell?

Lol, well all those books are great! But, what about those times when you can’t lose yourself in a book? And what if you’re not a great reader?

Well, there are various types of audio information that might come to the rescue. An iPhone and a set of ear buds means that I can listen to Darren Daily while I mow the lawn, or Eric Worre while I vacuum the house.

My car doesn’t have a CD player these days (how very last year!) but a USB stick can contain all that stuff that I used to listen to and then some, creating an easy to access moving university.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that I never listen to The Beatles, or Aerosmith (showing my age now), but about a couple of times a week I like to listen to Dave O’Connor or Jim Rohn.

Those golden phrases go in like little ear-worms while I drive. From his time in the car, even my nine year old can tell you about Jim’s 70%/10, 10 and 10% strategy for what to do with a dollar. How many nine year olds would even know the phrase ‘active investment capital’?

If you are actually driving, mind, you do have to be a little careful about what you listen to. It’s not wise to be listening to Paul McKenna’s hypnotic ‘I Can Make You Rich’ while circumnavigating the M25 during rush hour. It’s fantastic in the bath, though.

I listen to Darren Hardy’s ‘Darren Daily’ most days (it’s actually a video, but I tend to let it play in the background while I do other things, not really looking at the visual element. As handsome as Darren Hardy may be, it’s his words that are important and not how he drinks his coffee. I do similarly with Eric Worre’s ‘Network Marketing Pro’ videos, although they come through less frequently. I also find some TED talks stimulating in a similar way, although occasionally it can be desirable to see the visual element of those presentations.

My favourites in the car are Jim Rohn’s ‘The Day That Turns Your Life Around’ CD set, Andy Andrews’ ‘The Seven Decisions’, and Dave O’Connor with ‘How to Win The Inner Game of MLM’.


Do you have any favourite personal development audios, or a podcast that really gets you inspired? Please share them in the comments.

To your success,



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