Guard the Gates!

Hi everyone!

‘Guard the gates of your mind’ was one of Jim Rohn’s most important lessons. Over this past week, I have seen a number of social media posts from some former members of the company I work with, who have an axe to grind, and a clear intention to spread fear and rumours.

Perhaps they’re right, it’s time to abandon ship and save ourselves from the inevitable fallout of a few issues that we have recently faced. And then, naturally, we should all hearken to their wise council and join them in their new venture.

I have equally seen posts from stalwart members of our current company, portraying the folly of these former friends, and decrying the business that they have joined. And naturally, extolling the virtues of staying put, as we should all feel the benefits of a business which is past all those problems.

So, which should I listen to? One or the other? Both? Neither? To be honest, I’m not sure that it really matters that much. What does matter is that I don’t allow either to drag me down with negativity, not allowing them to distract me from my purpose.

If you allow rubbish into your mind, then rubbish is what will come out. Far better, I think, to concentrate on my own personal development, improving my business acumen so that I am equipped to deal with whatever challenges my business will face.

Of course my business will face challenges, all businesses do. That’s when you learn. Life itself is always a mixture of difficulty and opportunity. Sometimes the difficulty leads to the opportunity. And if you do take advantage of an opportunity, don’t be surprised if it throws up some difficulties along the way.

Whether the ramblings of others fill my mind with rubbish, or whether I can learn something from what they are saying, is all about how I interpret the information, which bits I choose to take on-board. And which I choose to discard.

I am the guard to the gates of my mind, and like the guard in the picture, it is for me to discern who is friend and who is foe.

Is the guard to the gates of your mind at the ready?

Until next time,


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