The Demon of Distraction

Hello Folks!

This morning I made the mistake of checking Facebook first. It’s a bad habit that I need to change, and I know it. I should set aside a particular time slot each day for checking social media and emails, and then I should stick to it.

So, why am I telling you this?

Well, the tagline of my blog says that it’s about the up and downs of working from home. Too many blogs of this kind can make it seem like a land of milk and honey, all advantages and no challenges. Not so with my blog.

All businesses have challenges, and distraction is a major one to look out for with homeworking. There’s the kids, the dog, the relatives who have the impression that you don’t actually work, and the lawn that needs mowing. And then there are the very tools you use for your home business, your phone and your computer.

So, how did my day go? Did I get my basic tasks done? Yes. I made my target for calls, and we made some sales. So, not a total wreck, then.

Could I have gone the extra mile and done more? Um, that would be a yes. I could have called a few more people, and I could have strengthened my advertising efforts, and probably a few things besides. Should I have done more? YES!

Why didn’t I do that bit more? Because I saw an amusing opportunity to increase my Facebook activity levels (which is actually important if you do a lot of work on FB), but I allowed it to grab hold of me and take up too much of my time.

The amusing post asked for glaring issues with film and screen shows, such as hiding behind a car door in a shootout, or the interior of a house not matching up with the exterior shots. Some of the comments were hilarious (including some of mine, I hope), and I had a whale of a time getting hooked up in the general banter.

Now, I wouldn’t say the time was entirely wasted, it has left me with a working idea for a book that I could write (not the first), and a concept about how that book might work as a film. But, while that sounds great, did it move me towards my homeworking business goals? Er, that would be a no.

So, what weaknesses do you have that get in the way of reaching your goals? And what sort of things drive you to distraction as you try to avoid being distracted? Answers on a postcard, please. Or just in the comments section will do.

To your success,


3 thoughts on “The Demon of Distraction

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  1. Yes – I recognise all those distractions and I’m learning to discipline myself (some of the time) by not checking Facebook ALL morning! Thanks for popping over and following my blog.


    1. Hi Wendy
      Yes, discipline is definitely the name of the game. Your blog has good content, so is definitely worth a follow. Just getting back into the blogging habit after a long break, so I can learn a lot by checking out other people’s work. I always think it’s best not to become arrogant and think there’s nothing you can learn. Thanks for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well thank you for the compliment too Carl. Yes there’s definitely always something new to learn in life and in our blogging journey. Mine’s definitely a steep learning curve at the moment! Good luck with your new blog x


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