Lights, camera… Action!

Wow, there’s so much to learn on this new WordPress blog platform I’ve found, I’m gonna need more hours in a day to absorb it all. And then I’ll need to take action on what I’ve learned.

Oh, wait, I’m doing that right now, aren’t I?

But learn all you like, it’s only info in your head if you don’t use it by taking action.
Take learning to drive as an example. It’s tough to begin, but if you listen to your
instructor and carry things out as they teach you to, less ‘weird things’ happen.
With practice, eventually you become good enough to pass your test.

Yay. Now you have a piece of paper that says you did the learning. And you get on the bus.

Why do you get on the bus? Because until you take action by buying a car and driving yourself to places, it’s all just information locked up in your head.
It only does you any good when you take action on that information.

So, learn all you like about network marketing, homeworking, and how to make money online.
But you won’t earn a penny from it until you take action on what you learned.
You can take at least some actions while you are doing the learning.

Until next time.


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