If you’re going places, you’ll need a plan

If you’ve set some SMART goals, whether in business or in life, you’ll now need a plan for how you’ll reach those goals.

To paraphrase Jim Rohn, if you don’t first plan and set out for a well-designed destination, you’ll end up somewhere else. And probably not somewhere that you would have liked to end up, either.

Something I’ve learned is that the best way to plan is to start by having your end outcome in mind. It’s a bit like planning a road journey using a map. First, put a pin where you want to finish. No point in putting a pin in Peterborough if you want to arrive in Penzance, no matter what your starting point may be. Next put a pin in that starting position. While it might be fun to plan a journey to Penzance from Liverpool, that won’t help much if you’re starting out from London.

Now put in pins for all the stopping points along the way. Do you need to pick someone up in Bristol en-route? Or might it be prudent to make a fuel and comfort stop near Basingstoke?

So it is with achieving  home business and life goals. If you want to achieve a six or seven figure income, put a pin there. Now, what’s your current reality? Put another pin there.

Take a look at the financial distance between those pins. What will need to happen in order to get there? What is the first step backwards from your destination pin? Perhaps it might be a premises you’ll need to acquire, or an item of machinery, or whatever. Now what’s the next step backwards? Maybe funding for that premises – how will you get that? And the next step back?

And carry on like this until you get back to your current reality pin, filling in the gaps with pins as necessary for each stage of your home business journey.

Now, having arrived back at your current reality, let’s go to work on that plan. Looking forward now, what actions can you take TODAY towards that first pin? And what actions can you take this week, or in the next 30 days. What can you do in the next 90 days? And in the next year? How many pins could you reach?

So, what are YOUR plans? Feel free to leave a comment.

To your success,


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