Goal!! Part 4

Hello people!

Wow! It’s a seriously hot day here, I think one of my SMART goals needs to be: “I will eat a whole ice-cream within 7 minutes of completing this blog post.”

Now that’s relevant, because failure to achieve this goal within the specified time will result in my ice-cream being a sticky puddle on the floor.

Actually, there is some debate as to whether the ‘R’ part of SMART stands for ‘Relevant’, or ‘Realistic’. But, since ‘realistic’ is not so very far from ‘achievable’ (the ‘A’ part of SMART from last time), I’m going to go with ‘relevant’. Anyway, realistically, my ice-cream will still melt if it’s out of the freezer for too long.

But, on a more serious note, while the ice cream goal is relevant to the weather conditions, it’s not going to help greatly with my business making money. While making money will help with the issue of needing to buy more ice-cream (or anything else for that matter). One thing that needs to be considered when setting your goals is what are your priorities.

If your priority is to make money, then our weight loss goal from the previous post isn’t relevant to that priority. Equally, our energy-saving goal may not be relevant if we try to apply it to the operators of our fixed energy consumption widget making machine, whereas it may be a priority in other areas of your business.

Of course, it’s fine to have several goals on-the-go, with relevance to several different areas of your life or your business, but do try to keep them down in number, as having too many goals will cause you to lose focus.

Perhaps have four or five goals relevant to different aspirations, and have them written down somewhere prominent so that you are frequently reminded of them, and have them numbered in order of priority. As you tick off the goals you achieve, replace them with new SMART goals, so that your goal-list is constantly evolving.

Well, time for that ice-cream. And time is the theme of the final installment in the SMART goals series, coming up next time.

To your success,


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