Select Your Vehicle!

One of the first things you’ll have to do as you set out on your homeworking journey, is to decide what sort of a ‘vehicle’ you will use to take you where you want to go.

If you do MLM, the company that you sell products for is your vehicle. If you are an affiliate marketer, the products that you promote are the vehicle for your business. Hey, if you are a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker, your shop is the vehicle for all your hopes, dreams and aspirations for that business. I suppose if you live at said shop, you could probably just about be called a ‘homeworker’. You get the idea.

Using my own MLM experiences as an example, the difference between my first try at MLM and my current MLM business is like the difference between a sports motorcycle and a large, powerful lorry.

The first was highly specialised, selling magnetic therapy items within the wellness niche. Likewise, a sports motorcycle wouldn’t be very useful for off-road trials use, and is certainly not useful for carrying large amounts of freight.

My current ‘vehicle’ carries a huge range of goods covering homeware, garden, fashion, giftware and various other items. Shifting product is something we do very well. But it probably wouldn’t serve my needs if my core business was shoe sales.

Similarly to how you might change your car from time to time, if the company you work with is no longer serving your needs, it might be time to change your vehicle.

But trying to drive more than one vehicle isn’t really a good idea. While you can own as many cars or trucks as you like, have you ever tried to drive more than one at the same time? While you are driving one, any others sit there unused. It would be the same with trying to run too many MLM businesses, each wouldn’t get the focus and attention that it needs.

So, pick your vehicle wisely. Is a ‘Bentley’ really more suitable for you needs than a ‘Ford’? Look after the one you have, and avoid those that appear to have three wonky wheels.


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