Does A Home Worker Have To Be At Home?

This is one of the very best things about a (so-called) home-based business. In many circumstances, you really don’t have to be physically located within your own four walls in order to conduct at least some areas of your business.

It does, of course, depend somewhat on the nature of your business. If you run a bespoke wood-turning workshop in your garage, although you work at home, it might be said that you own a job rather than a business. And it might be just a little difficult to drag your precious lathes and other tools to the beach.

But if you have the type of business that can be largely conducted on the internet or phone, you can work practically anywhere that you can get a decent phone signal and/or data connection.

How about making some online sales while you’re at the beach? The picture at the top of this post is not a bad office view is it? Or perhaps you could make some recruitment calls from a local park? Actually, a friend of mine has been known to recruit people while using the bluetooth voice-over in the car.

I’ve set up an email broadcast to hundreds of people while using the free WiFi in a local cafe before now.

So, it’s really up to you. Where do you want YOUR office to be today?

Feel free to add your comments, you might suggest some places I haven’t thought of!

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