A Continuing Adventure

So, what’s this all about then?

Well, this isn’t my first foray into working from home. I dabbled with Network Marketing many years ago. I was one of those people who listened to the pitch, watched the presentations, saw the possibilities, and got all excited. Then I bought the business kit and did precisely…. NOTHING!

I knew so little about how to run such a business that I quickly felt out of my depth. In retrospect, the company I had joined was one of those where their products would probably have sold like hotcakes over in America, but not so much in my little corner of England.

One of my mentors, the late, great Jim Rohn would have shaken his head and said “Isn’t that interesting?” as I ran full speed back to my day job.

Fast forward a few years and I tried this thing called affiliate marketing. I could see how it worked, some people were making big money, and I got all excited. Well, I did make some sales, but I spent more on advertising. And I spent too long chasing my tail looking at free forms of advertising. Those already making big money seemed to hold all the cards, but I now think it was my own mindset that held me back. Back to the day job, then.

It is tempting to say that I failed at those things, but the truth is that I quit. You can only fail if you quit. If I’d carried on until I found a way that worked, we would call those times a success. One of the little understood things about success is the sheer perseverance that it takes to get there. See the success iceberg picture, there’s a lot of truth shown there.

But those attempts at home working were not truly wasted, the fact of the matter is that I learned a lot by doing those. F.A.I.L. stands for First Attempt In Learning, and so you only truly fail if you learn nothing from your experiences.

Fast forward a few more years, and I spotted a post on Facebook from an old work colleague saying how pleased he was with his additional income from his new work from home business. Curiosity got the better of me, and so I asked what he was doing. He showed me the business, and it turned out it was another Network Marketing business. This one, though, had a wide and varied range of products that I believed would meet the needs of many people. The start-up fee was minimal, and so, with a fair dose of scepticism, I signed up.

To my amazement, it worked. We made some good sales on a regular basis, and started building a little team. And we met people who were making a good living out of it, in some cases earning six figure incomes and more.

So, the point of this is to share some of the learning I have gained and continue to gain on this journey, and to learn more through the process of blogging. I look forward to conversations with anyone who reads this blog and feels motivated to contribute their own thoughts.

Also, the palest ink is far better than the best human memory, even if that ink and paper is of the electronic sort.

This should be fun.

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